Moving to India!

Now finally it’s time! In less then a week I will be heading east, to Mumbai in India. I will be there for (at least) one year, working for Capgemini India. Hopefully I will also have time to do some work for Naandi foundation an Indian NGO that is supported by Capgemini.

At this blog I will write about the everyday life of a Norwegian in India. Most probably I will see and learn a lot of new things that can be of interest to my friends and colleagues all over the world, and will be shared with you at this blog.

If everything goes according to the plan, I will land in Mumbai in the early hours next Sunday. The first week will be used to find a permanent place to stay in Mumbai. As my office is located in the northern part of Mumbai my plan is to look for something in the Powai or Vikroli area, so if any of my Indian friends reads this and know about something, please tell me.

And for everyone, if there is anything special you like me to write about, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



4 thoughts on “Moving to India!

  1. Karsten,

    Very cool move! Hope you have a great year full of adventures and new experiences both professionally and personally.

    I’m with the French oil&gas company TOTAL now and really enjoy that.

    Safe travels,

  2. Looking forward to read about your experiences and adventure the coming year. It is a brave move to make.

    Hope you get to see, and learn, a lot of exciting stuff.

    How did you managed to organise it? I would love to have such an adventure… let us know how it goes and all the tricks for all of us who would like to do something similar…..

    Good luck from Spain!


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