Welcome to the Mumbai Monsoon

Hi everyone

Now I have been a few days in Mumbai.

Arrived here on Sunday, after some hours of delay in the air. At Sunday it didn’t rain any thing at all, so I did thought that the Monsoon this year was just nothing. How wrong could I be… It does not rain constantly over here, but when it rains, it does rain extremely heavily. The sky could be clear one minute, and then it could be pouring down the other. The only thing you could do then is to run and take shelter!

Mostly I have spent my time here the first few days to get all the formalities with Capgemini sorted out. And also I think I have found a place to stay for the next 12 months! The contract is not signed yet, but it looks very good. The flat is brand new, and there is a view to a nice hill from there.

Also I have made some observations about taxi drivers here:

  • If the taxis driver steps out of the car to ask someone about the way, do get worried. He is lost!
  • If you can see on the map that the taxi driver is not taking the shortest path, but he insists he is doing right, just listen to him. He knows where the traffic jam is and how to avoid it (this off course only applies if you have a fixed price)
  • If the taxi driver insists on using a meter, you have been quite good at bargain and found a price that is about correct.

Ok, talk to you soon.



3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Mumbai Monsoon

  1. Famous saying ….. Mumbai ki barsaat ka aur Mumbai ki ladkiyon ki baat ka kabhi bharosa mat karo……….. Never trust Mumbai rain or What a Mumbai girl says 🙂

  2. For the Mumbai rain I can fully agree! Except for today, when it has been very trustworthy and pouring down for the whole day. For the Mumbai girls, I don’t know. Those who I have spoken to so far seems very truthful, but maybe they have cheated on me without my knowledge, or maybe they are not from Mumbai 🙂

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