A litle something about almost nothing

Hi Everyone

What do you do if you want to write something, but there is really nothing to write about? Now I understand how football bloggers have it during the off season.

Here in Mumbai it has been quite quiet the last day even the cricket match between Sri Lanka and India is over now , so there is not that much to watch on TV. I was planning to go to the Dhobi Ghat today, but I only came to the local McDonalds when the rain really came pouring down, drowning everyone who tried to go outside. So I decided to stay at the hotel to read some good books.

Yesterday I went to the Foreigners Registration Office (FRRO) to get my work permit valid. Going there I did use the Mumbai train. I have heard a lot of negative stories about public Indian offices and also about taking trains in India, but everything went quite smooth, so there is really nothing to write about. I mean, you have all heard stories about people standing in the door openings in Indian trains, haven’t you? On the train I take from Churchgate (central Mumbai) back to Bandra I had one full bench only for me! And it was in the middle of the day! How could that happen? I have decided to take another train trip just to see if it is also so quiet on Indian trains. Maybe some of my Indian friends can “recommend” a time of the day when it is more crowded?

Ok, that’s it for now. Tomorrow I will be out of the hotel and move to a place much closer to work and on Monday I will officially start my career in Capgemini India! Looking forward to that!

Talk to you soon,



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