Friday night in Godrej + moving plans going ahead

Hi Everyone

So now, I have had my first full weekend after starting working for Capgemini in India. Some of you have been asking for pictures in this blog. I must admit that I have had a lot of technical problems (like security), so it has been quite difficult to upload things. But here is a picture of what I did see on my way home from office on Friday.

Yes, I know it is a football match, and maybe not exactly what you expect to see in India, but this match was just 3 mins from where I’m living, so I just had to show it. I think there is something called a monsoon tournament going on here right now.

The hill you can see in the background is where the famous snake I wrote about some time back most probably came from. I haven’t found a name on that hill on any map so for now, I will just call it “Snake Hill”. Good name, erh? The flat that I’m supposed to move into soon is at the other side of that hill. The plan was that I should meet some people on Saturday (yesterday) and have a look at the flat, but that just did not happened. But later in the evening I got a SMS that confirmed that the flat should be ready “in three days”. Not exactly sure what that means, but I hope it will be ready before the next weekend. So today I have spent quite some time in a furniture shop to look for some necessary items. It was a lot of things there, so it’s almost a bit pity that I will be here for only one year. It doesn’t really make any sense to by an expensive bed here and then ship it back to Norway, does it?

The main story here in Mumbai at the moment is the Meter Jam Campaign. People around here are feed up of auto drivers who don’t behave well, so they are organizing this campaign where they try to get people not to use an auto at the 12th. As quite a few people really have to use an auto to get to and from office or other things, I’m not so sure if the campaign will be succsessfull, but we’ll see.

Talk to you soon!



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