The search for a permanent place to stay continues…

Hi Everyone

It has been a bit quiet from me lately. A lot of interesting work to do, and not much things has happened around here.

Yesterday I was back at the flat agent who promised to have a flat ready this Tuesday, sorry last Saturday, ehh, sorry, last week, or the week before that. He suggested that I should come back tomorrow, which is off course today, so I will do that and see if something is up then. Maybe I should tell him that if he does not manage to get things to move now I will post his name and phone number on my blog so everyone can tell him about his not to good service?

Quite a few other things are about to happen in the city now. The Ramadhan is about to start. India is celebrating it’s Independence day this Sunday, and off course most important, the English Premier League kicks off this Sunday also! In order to be ready for that one, I have now joined my first social club, so to speak here in Mumbai.


One thought on “The search for a permanent place to stay continues…

  1. Hi Karsten,

    It’s really a shame, but the fact is that this is quite common. The idea of time and commitments are very different to what we are used to in the western world. But they usually tend to work out though- if that is any consolation for you.
    But it seems to me though, that you are really enjoying your stay:) Good luck, and keep on posting:)


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