Home sweet home!

Hi everyone

Sorry that I haven’t updated this before. Lot of work and some huge problems with Internet connections. Anyway, I have now moved into my own flat! Pictures will come soon. It is just fantastic to have some place you can call your own. There are still some fittings that has to be done in the flat, but it’s starting to be ok. Yesterday my living room furniture’s arrived, and some of them were even packed in “IKEA-style”. So today I will be putting together some dining table, sofa and chairs. Really looking forward to that!

I have seen some ants and even mosquitoes in the flat, so I will try to get rid of those before I put the furniture’s together. Not so fun to chare it with ants on the first day. Anyone having some good ideas on how to get rid of ants?

Hopefully I will have Internet connection in the flat some time during the weekend, and I will update this post then.

Talk to you soon,



One thought on “Home sweet home!

  1. Hi Karsten,

    Great to hear that you’re nearly settled! Regarding the ants…I’ve heard bay leaves are supposed to work. Just place some in cupboards and areas you think they might be coming in from. Hope this helps!


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