It’s a six!

Hi everyone

In Cricket, if you get the ball outside the boundaries, you got six points (like touch-down in baseball). In football, if you score six goals in one match, well you most probably are trashing the other team! Saturday I went to restaurant Chillis in Powai to see Arsenal play, and they just did this. If Arsenal continues to win 6-0 every time I go to that place, I will surely do that more often!

This has been my first full weekend in the new flat. Saturday I spent quite some time to put my new furniture together. It’s really nice to have your own sofa and chair. Also I have recruited a lady who will help me to keep the flat clean! This is some luxury that I never have had in Norway, but I understand it is common here, and with all the dust it is almost a necessity.

On Sunday, just after she left, 4 or 5 blokes came into the flat and put a grille in the windows. This appears to be quite common in India. Not sure if I like it. Feels a bit like in a jail, but if it can keep bad guys out, than its fine. But I had to clean the flat even one more time…

Sunday evening I had to spend to yell at the security blokes in the house. Last Tuesday I gave them some clothes for laundry. They promised it should be ready Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday. But when I came home from dinner at 10 pm they did not even know where the laundry shop was! So some yelling and screaming to finish up the week. We had to walk around in the area to try to find the shop. We did not find it, but we found some people creating these human pyramids. These are called Govindas, and I think it will be an important element in a festival coming up soon. Hopefully I will found out more on that soon.

But it seems like all my yelling and screaming has paid of. The maid has been there ahead of schedule for the last two days, and maybe even the laundry wallahs will manage to deliver on time today. Be aware India! These crazy Norwegians are changing your time…

Talk to you soon



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