Wiew from home

Hi everyone

This is the view from my home.

and I do think it sums up Mumbai quite well. In the background you can find some high houses. These are almost brand new, and pop up everywhere here. The international airport is just behind the houses. It should be possible to see an airplane here, but I do think it is a bit to smoggy. Between the new high house and my house you can see some smaller houses. At first I thought this was slums. But my colleagues over here insist that this is not a slum, this is what is called “temporary housing” where workers who build the new high houses are living.

If you look the other way. The view is like this.

This is the Lake homes in Powai. As you can see from the link, it is a very nice area. The area is still under construction, so, well, maybe, if my salary takes a quite high hike then I should try to shift over there. The green area between the buildings and my home is supposed to be business area soon.

I must admit that I have cheated just a little bit. The pictures are not from my flat, but from the roof of the building. But talking about cheating, tomorrow I will try to have time for some cricket post. And a huge cheat scandal is on the brink in that game…

Talk to you soon!



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