Mumbai wildlife

Hi everyone

My three year old nephew is very curious to know more about the cows walking around in India, so I thought I should give you all a quick review of what animals that are around where I live.

It usually takes me about 15-20 minutes to get from home to the office in an auto (tuk-tuk) in the morning. My flat is located in an area with a lot of small shops around. This means that it’s always some garbage around. So when I step out of the gate the first thing I will see are some crows and ravens that are picking in the garbage. When I get into the auto we drive by a small “town” where construction workers live. This is what in Mumbai is called for temporary houses. Here they have some goats and there is also some people selling living chickens! At the end of this town is an open area where some pigs or wild boars usually walks around.

After a short drive we do enter Powai. Here it is a bit more greener and most days we will see a few holy cows here. Some days it could be only one, while others it could be like 3-5. There is also one person feeding pigeons in Powai, so some days there are a lot of pigeons around here.

At the lake of Powai we also have some crocodiles swimming around. One of my colleagues (he is Swedish) lives close by here and he suggested that he could swim over the lake to visit me. Maybe not a very good idea…

At the parking lot of the office there are a bunch of dogs.

So this is what I do see of wild life on a normal day in Mumbai. We do have a national park close by where it is tigers, so hopefully I will have a chance to go there one day.

Talk to you soon!



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