Sightseeing in Mumbai

Hi Everyone

This weekend I was lucky enough to have one colleague from Norway visiting Mumbai. He did have a car, and that gave us an opportunity to explore more of Mumbai. First we went to Juhu. It is located at the coast of the Arabic sea. Sitting there and sipping to a beer was almost like being at a bar on a Caribbean Island. And yes, it also gave some memories of the beach home at Tromøya. We also visited the home of the great actor Amitabh Bachchan. After knocking a few times on his door, we realized that he was not home. Or maybe he just didn’t want some guest from Norway, I don’t know?

One of my colleagues had suggested that we should go to Chowpatty Beach. This beach is located in down town Mumbai and a place where couples like to hang out in evenings and weekends. Previously I have only been there at day-time, but seeing it at the evening was great. When you go to Nariman Point, at the edge of the beach, you can see all the lights and it do really look like the queen’s necklace. (Hopefully I will get some of the pictures from the beach today).

We finished of the evening at restaurant Khyber, which has been recommended as the best restaurant for Indian food in Mumbai. I can just go by the recommendation and say that is just fantastic!

Talk to you soon



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