Furnitures and language trouble

Hi Everyone

If you think that getting furniture’s into a home in a foreign country is easy, please think again. As I will be staying in India for only one year I’m trying to buy most things used. Last weekend I got my fridge. Only problem is that the door to the freezer does not work so the whole fridge is a freezer..

Now I have also found a used wardrobe I like. In India we have something called Sulekha, which is a bit like in Norway. Great place to find used things! So I found this wardrobe, called the owner, who speaks very well English, and we agreed on price! So far so good! But then I had to call some transport companies to get it from his place to mine. After trying a few numbers that did not work I finally got to one. But this guy only spoke Marathi (the local language here)! I know nothing of that language and even many of my colleagues struggles with it. And this guy wanted 3000 rupees to transport a wardrobe that costs 2700. It doesn’t make sense! We managed to haggle the price down to 800, which I think is till too much, so I took over the phone and told him 600 or no deal. I still think he accepted that, but when one of my Marathi speaking colleagues called him back to confirm time, the price was suddenly 900! Luckily, the owner is moving to a place close to my place on Sunday, so has agreed to help organize this. I will let you know by then if this works. But it’s not easy…

Now it’s a weekend again, which is good! This weekend one of the biggest Hindu festivals will start in Mumbai. Tomorrow I’m planning to go to one of the most popular places for the festival, to see the huge Lord Ganesh statue. Only problem is that people says that you have to queue in 18 hours to see it! So if I go there directly after office today, I might manage to see it before the football match that starts 7.30 pm tomorrow…

The lady who cleans my house understood my Hindi this morning that I don’t what her to come in the weekend (or at least I like to think that she understood it) and a taxi wallah just waited for me outside my door and drove me to the office almostt without cheating me on price, so it’s a good start on the weekend. And also the cricket T20 Champions league starts today. So it should be some good time here now!

Talk to you soon



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