Ganesh Visarjan

Hi Everyone

Wednesday was the last day of the Ganesh festival. This was the day when all the idols were to be put into water. I knew that it would be a lot of people at the Chowpatty beach, the biggest beach in Mumbai. Some sources said that you could expect up to 5 million people here at that day! So I was not really sure whether I should go or not.

But I did decided that this could be a once in a lifetime chance to see something like that, so I did decide to give it a try.

The day started with people moving the idols from their homes or their communities and towards the lake. It is a huge parade, and people are playing drums and dancing in the streets. Add to that some firework, and you can imagine how it looks like.

When all the idols reaches Chowpatty beach they are slowly put into the sea. It was a really impressive sight! On the land it seemed like some kind of picnic. Families were sitting together and eating or doing their Pujas (prayers). At the sea you could see people wade into the water, and some even seemed to be swimming around the idols. I decided to stay safe on the beach, but it was still a massive sight!

I know that this picture is not the best. But what you can see that stands up over the crowd are the idols. The rest is people who are watching. As you can understand from the picture, the idols are quite huge!

Being in Mumbai during the whole Ganesh Chaturhi has been a very exciting experience! I will surely try to summarize this at some time.

Talk to you soon!



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