Commonwealth Games

Hi Everyone

Sorry for being absent for such a long time. To much work, I guess. And also a lot of problems with access to my blog page. Really a pain to not have Internet at home.

For the last week or so, the Commonwealth Games has been on its way in Delhi. It is a huge sporting event that has got its media attraction from all over the world, even in Norway. Before the games started the newspapers here were full of stories about corruption, India’s inability to host such events and things like that. Id did not got any better when a bridge close to the main stadium collapsed just a few days before the games should start! And, I don’t know if it was really the low point, but they even found a snake in some of the villages for the athletes!

A few countries threatened to withdraw their athletes, and I think the foreign press has been even more critics to this than the local Indian press. One person, who stood out in these critics, was the IOC president, Jacques Rogge who said that let the games start first and then we can see how it works.

And, amazingly, so far things have gone, well, not to bad. As I don’t have any television at home I have seen zero of the games but only read about it in the newspapers. One striking thing to read is that India has done remarkably well in the games so far. As of today, Australia has taken by far the most gold medals, and then India is second! In front of countries like England, Canada and South Africa. What is also mentioned here is that quite a few of the medals have been taken by female athletes. This should be promising for the sporting future for India.

A few days back I had a dessert on a nice restaurant in Hiranandani. As usual there were cricket at the television. One of these five days matches between India and Australia, I think. No one really cared to watch. But when they switched to the semi-final in field hockey between India and Pakistan and India scored, suddenly a lot of people were applauding! Not really sure if it was because India was winning or Pakistan loosing.

This weekend I have tried to do some sporting my self. Which mean that I tried to look up at sailing club at Colaba. Unfortunately it was closed on Saturday, so I guess I should try to call them up when the working week starts. Sailing seems very much like the right thing to do here in Mumbai now, as the temperature rises.

Talk to you soon!


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