Navrati festival

Hi everyone

It has been quite a while since my last posting here, and no one are sorrier about that then me. But now I have finally got my Internet connection to work from home and it seems that it is easier to update my site from here.

Autumn in India is festival time! After the Ganesh Chaturthi it has now been the Navrati festival here. And I must say that I really enjoyed this festival. I think I will leave the religious parts of the festival for maybe a later post and focus on what I have seen. Navrati is very much a festival of dance. I even think one of my colleagues called it “the festival of dance”. People are mostly dancing two different dances, the Garba and the Dandiya . And the most funny thing is that this happens almost everywhere. The Garba dance is danced with a lot of people moving around in a circle while doing the different moves. It could be very informal, like in my own backyard,

where this picture is taken. The streets are all lightened, a band is drumming and people are dancing around. The house you can see in the upper left corner of the picture is my where I’m living. There are also dance sessions conducted at big arenas. We went to one such an event where a band was performing at the stage, and thousands of people were dancing around.

The Dandya is a different kind of dance where the participants are using stick. You can dance either in pairs or in two circles, one for girls and one for boys, where everyone changes partner all the time.

Both dances are quite nice to watch, with intensive moves and nice music.

The picture below is NOT from any Navrati festival. I’t s actually from my sisters backyard at the same time as the festival was on in India. And yes, it is snow you can see here. Norway is quite different from India right now…

Talk to you soon



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