Indian food

Hi Everyone

Some time back I was asked to write an article about Indian food. I must admit that I’m absolutely no expert in food. Neither Indian nor any other country for that case. Hopefully I will learn some more after having been here for some more time, but right now I can only write some general article about this.

The most common phrase about Indian food is probably that it is spicy. That is what I was told before I moved here and I think it is quite true that it is spicy. The first few days were quite difficult, and I do remember one of my colleagues almost laughing of me when I was struggling to eat even a slice of bread with an omelet. The problem however was not the omelet but the spicy kind of butter that they had added on the slices of bread. Now I do eat lunch at the canteen every day, and, well almost, never complains about that it is to spicy. Probably I have been adjusted to it.

It is probably wrong to talk about Indian food as a generic term, as it is a huge difference between food from different parts of India. At the restaurants in Norway we mostly got food from North India, which tastes very different from food from the south. Even the food here in Mumbai is very different from what we have in Norway. If I should be very generic, and quite unfair to Indian food, I can say that in comes in four variations. That is spicy, sweet, vegetarian and chicken.

We are making some jokes that because most food is so spicy, Indians also need something that is really sweet to compensate. One common word for this sweet is Mithai . I have tried some of it, and it can really be recommended.

As most of you probably know, the cow is a sacred animal in India, so it is very uncommon to be served cow meat here. In my three months here, I don’t think I have come across any restaurant that has sold it. Even lamb is very rarely seen. Many Indians are vegetarians, so that is probably one reason for this. If you ask to get served meat, what you get is normally chicken.

One thing that is quite common here is the pancake look a like thing called a Dosa. It comes in many different variations and sizes. At the picture here you can see a foreigner eating it in a bit the wrong way…

I promise to write more about Indian food at a later stage.

Talk to you soon!



2 thoughts on “Indian food

  1. Gleder meg til å høre mer om dine kulinariske opplevelser:-) Du skal ikke benytte oppholdet til å lære deg litt indiske kokkekunster også? Det hadde jeg gjort 🙂


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