Housewarming Puja during Diwali

Hi Everyone

As I wrote in my last post, we are now heading into the Diwali festival. In addition to be a festival of light, it is also considered as the beginning of a new year, or as a beginning of something new and good. Some Indian business communities have Diwali as their first day of the fiscal year.

Because Diwali is a good day for something new, it is common to use this day as the day to move into a new house. One of my colleagues did exactly that and he invited us to his housewarming puja.

The ceremony itself contained a Hindu priest who were doing some prayers (sorry, but I must admit that I still don’t understand enough of the language to have any idea about what he said). I do think that he was blessing the house and praying that the couple who bought it would have a happy life there. Each puja have some specific important rituals that always have to be followed. For me as a stranger here that is interesting and emotional. I do hope that I will get more into the deeper meaning of the puja ceremony in some time. If any of you readers have some input, I would very much like to have feedback from you.

One other huge difference is the part that the family plays in events like this. Last time I moved into a new flat in Norway it was just me and the salesperson and the agent there. Here the whole family was involved. And when I say family, I’m thinking about what we in Norway will say as an extended family. Parents, sisters and brothers and a lot of people were present. In India they are all part of the immediate family. If I’m not wrong, family people came all the way from Singapore and Dubai to take part in this. The fact that the family mean so much to people here is really starting to sink into me, and being on events like this make it even much clear to me that this is very different in the Indian culture than what we are used to from Norway.

Talk to you soon!



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