Sailing in Mumbai

Hi everyone

Yesterday I had my first glimpse of sailing in India. For those of you don’t know, I can tell that I have been a very active sailor for more than 20 years. Before I moved to Mumbai I did some research and found a few sailing clubs here, but not really much was available on the net. Also I have done some research while being here but with no much success.

So it was quite nice and surprisingly when a sailing umpire and friend of me from Norway sent an e-mail last week and told me that she was on her way to Mumbai to conduct a seminar on match racing and also to judge on an event here! It’s cool that people are aware that I’m here, and reaches out when they come by, and it also gave me an opportunity to join in on the event.

Mumbai International Match Racing is a yearly event. This year it was 12 teams from about 8 different countries I think. In addition to teams from India, there were people from other Asian countries in addition to teams from Finland, Brazil and Russia! So quite an international race, with good quality sailors. The sailing was just outside Chowpatty beach, so in addition to watch the sailing, I could see Mumbai from the sea. Seeing a city from the sea is always nice, as it gives a completely different view than when you are onshore, so that was really nice.

I got to meet quite a few local sailors here, and all of them were very inviting. They are doing races almost every weekend, so now I do think I will be able to do quite a bit sailing here. Ohh, and did I mention that it is still more than 30 degrees (Celsius) here in Mumbai? It really is, and that makes sailing even nicer.

Talk to you soon!



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