Happy Diwali!!!

Hi Everyone

Today is the big Diwali day here in Mumbai! It is remarkably quiet in the streets and not much people around. This is probably the day in the year where most people go and visit their families. So quite a few are out of Mumbai or at home today. I had a walk this morning, and there was very little traffic, most offices are closed and the whole area seems to be in a very quiet mood. My colleagues warned me that there would be lot of fireworks last night and impossible to sleep, but I must admit that I was almost disappointed with how little it was.

What is quite nice to see is how all the houses are decorated. I know that the pictures are not that very good (any hints on how to make good pictures in the dark?), but it has been nice to walk around and see the houses decorated like Christmas. The only thing missing here is the snow.

Now it is evening in Mumbai, and the firecrackers are surely on! But it is more kid of nice than it is too much. As this is considered to be the New Years Eve in some way, I really think it should be like this. It is interesting to see how the kids treat the firecrackers here. They fire them up and dance around while they try not to be hit to much… Not really the way that parents in Norway would like their kids to do it. I got a few hits while I walked home, but no serious once.

And the atmosphere around the city is just nice. Everyone seems to be smiling and very happy, and it is really good to see. I must admit that I kind of expected more lights around. But this is probably different in homes where large families are together. Off course it feels a bit strange to be all on your own on a day like this, but well, not much I can do with that. It is still nice to be here and be part of all of these festivals.

Talk to you soon!



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