Arsenal Mumbai, or the 1 am kick-off

Hi everyone

When you move to a foreign country, I think that one of the things that most people will do is to look for other people with same interests. That’s an easy way to get to know your new surroundings. For me, that meant to see if there exists any place in India where I could watch English premier league. And also to see if it exists a supporter club for Arsenal Football Club. I was luck, as both things are here! By doing some research, I ended up in Mumbai Times Café, and could watch my favorite team beat Blackburn.

After the match I got to talk to one other Arsenal supporter. You know you are among friends when you start to discuss “interlulls”. For those of you who don’t know about interlulls, that is a word that describes the periods of the football season where there are no league matches, but only international matches, where most Arsenal players get injured. So inter for international and lull for break or boring… I think the word first time appeared on a famous Arsenal blog called the Arseblog, so I asked my new friend: “Do you read the blog, the Arseblog”. Sure he did! And then we started to talk about goalkeepers in Arsenal. Arsenal does have the two worst goalkeepers in England, or at least used to have that. And that is often mentioned in the weekly Arsecast. So next question was: “Do you listen to Arsecast”. Sure he did. And we were friends…

Being a football supporter in India is not as easy as being a supporter in Norway. So all credit to the supporter club here that does a fantastic job in engaging people! One problem is that it is not that many places that are shown on television, and it is not that many places that shows the matches either. But the biggest problem is the time difference. This is particularly bad now during winter period, without the Daylight Saving Time. In Norway you can watch a match at 4 pm on a Saturday. In India the time is then already 8.30 pm. What is worse is that the Champions League or Carling Cup matches that starts at 8.45 pm in Norway starts, well, far past midnight here in India. And they end at some time early in the morning! And I do still remember when Arsenal some years back had to play extra time and even do a penalty shoot-out on a Wednesday night in Rome. That match ended at 1 am in Norway, which should be around 5.30 in the morning here…. So please Arsenal, just finish of all the opponents before extra time this season. Ok?

So this blog post is to honor all the members of Arsenal Mumbai , who follow their team trough thick and thin, night after night! I’m proud of being one of you!

Come on you Gooners!

Talk to you soon,


One thought on “Arsenal Mumbai, or the 1 am kick-off

  1. Good to hear from You Mr. Kartsen. “Passion can survive anywhere in the world.” It suits best for people like us who are 1000’s of miles away from the club.
    Having said all of the above, it could be another fine way of promoting our fan club considering your help.


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