Being a blogger

Hi everyone

Now I have been in India in some three and a half months, and it is about four months since I started this blog. In that period, I have written a bit over 30 posts, and my blog have had just over 1500 hits. Maybe not very much, but I’m quite happy with that. The day with most traffic was the 1st of November (80 hits), and I take that as an indication that the traffic is picking up.

So today I decided to write a bit about how it is to be a blogger and also to ask for some feedback from you.

When I started to write, I think I had two motives for this blog. One was to write about Indian culture, religion and country. The other was to use it as a tool to communicate with friends and family in Norway, and also with colleagues all over the world. Now I know for sure that it is being read by friends and family, so I have succeeded in that. I also know that there are some colleagues, at least in Norway, reading it, so I should be happy with that. Lately it seems like more people here in India have also started to read it, and I think that is really cool! A blog, I think is supposed to be a two-way communication, and not just the blogger writing, so I do really appreciate all feedback you are giving me.

On the topic side, I do feel that I might be writing more about thing I see in India than the deeper articles about India. One reason for this is off course that there are quite a lot of thing that have happened. Another reason is that it actually takes some time to write more advanced articles. You just have to do some research! What do you think? Are you happy with the content that I write or would you like me to write about something different? I’m very aware that I have not written anything about the life at the office, and I’m not planning to do that either. This is a private blog, and what I do at the office is something between me and my company. I have also considered getting some friends to write at the blog from time to time, as guest journalist, but I have read some blogging tips which says that it is better to get input from other people, but to do all the writing on your own. Let’s see. Maybe I will change a bit on this in the future.

I will be thankful for any good ideas. Also if you know about other ways to promote a blog (yes, I have been a bit interested in getting up the number of readers) please tell me so. Maybe there is some functionality in the tool I’m using that I can use better.

Ok. Talk to you soon!


One thought on “Being a blogger

  1. Hi Karsten, Good morning !

    For promoting your blog, If you have a facebook, twitter, linkedin or orkut account, you can publish your posts and updates on your blog there. That’s how I do it. I have subscribed to your posts so I get them automatically but may not be the case with others so publish your updates on social network you are associated with. Content wise you have already been posting interesting things which will hook the readers to your blog. If I am to give you a few ideas I would say a) Well began is half done, have a compelling title to your posts which would attract not only potential readers but the search crawlers too :-), and then build a story around the title, facts and data points, b) Allow readers to explore the real YOU through your blog with a blend of posts covering wide range of topics where your audience must achieve one of the following after reading you, i) Learning ii) Fun iii) Awareness iv) Introspection

    Having said all the above, I am also an amatuer in blogging so my ideas and views around what you have asked may not be fruitful and value add but my recommendation is, your posts should be exact mapping of your heart and brain…as-is…with a little bit of garnishing to make it appealing and simpler for readers..


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