Naandi visit

Hi everyone One of the reasons why I moved to India was to try to work more for Naandi foundation. This is an Indian NGO that for some years now has got support from Capgemini. While I was in Norway, I did work quite a lot for Naandi Norway, but I really wanted to do more and hoped that moving to India could help on that. One of the things that Naandi works with is to improve the education system in India. They are supporting teachers and also paying for education for unprivileged girls trough the Nanhi Kali program. On Monday this week we visited one of the schools where Naandi is working.

I have been on such a trip a few times before, and it is also quite interesting to see the kid’s response when some white people walk around in their neighborhood. It is really nice to see the contact you get with these kids. Both the kids and the visitors seem to be interested in each others, and it creates a very good atmosphere. As you can see from the picture, the kids were really curious when we were walking around.

Visiting such places is always quite emotional. You can see how many people who are living together at a quite small place. There could easily be one full family, which includes more generations that lives together in like 20 square meters. And in many of the houses will there not even be any running water. During this time of the year it might not be too bad, but I can easily imagine it be quite tough during the rainy season.

Right now I’m in Norway on a short trip. -6 degrees and snow outside. Quite different from Mumbai.

Talk to you soon



One thought on “Naandi visit

  1. proud of you for that advocacy. i can see in those eyes how happy they are to be visited by anyone especially by someone like you. they must be so proud to see you there and felt good they are recognized and cared for. pls let them know they are not forgotten. you might want to consider visiting them on a regular basis, organize them to play among themselves. they will learn a lot from there. it’s one good way to mold their minds, which is especially true since most of them are kids. keep it up! Cheers.


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