Differences between India and Norway (part II)

Hi everyone

Those of you who read my blog yesterday know that I’m currently back in Norway.  It is only temporarily, but it really makes me reflect on differences between India and Norway. One thing that is for sure is that you have to be at one place for some time in order to be able to compare it to other places. If you only visit a place as a tourist, it is not possible to do a fair comparison. After three months in Mumbai now, I do think it is possible for me to say something about that city and to compare it to Oslo.

In my previous comparison between India and Norway it was the rainy season in Mumbai. Now it is the winter season in Norway. So it is clearly that the temperature is a huge difference! In Mumbai it is warm all around the year, and when I left I think it was about 33 degrees on the daytime and 25 at the nights. In Norway now it is below 0! Today it has been around -5 to -6, and the weather forecast says that it can go as low as -20 in the next coming days.

This is something that I also think that affects people. I never dreamt of using the word “slow” about Mumbai, but if you compare the speed in how people travel, it is surely much quicker in Oslo. Probably because of the cold weather, people always seem to be in a hurry. No one smiles; they just look straight ahead and hurry around to wherever they are going. In Mumbai it is more that people are using the time it takes. Off course you can see people hurrying to reach the train or things like that, but they hardly seems to be stressing the same way that people in Oslo do. To me it is now a very clear difference between what you might call chaotic and what you will call a quick tempo, if you get the difference. Mumbai is surely much more chaotic than Oslo, but things are not happening that fast.

Also it is interesting to see how much fewer people who are around in Oslo everywhere. Off course I knew that Mumbai is more crowded even before I moved there, but it is still almost chocking to see the difference. Quite a few people have asked me if I don’t feel unsafe in Mumbai. I have always answered that I don’t. One reason for that is that it is always people around. If anyone tries to do me any harm there will be witnesses around. The same is not always the case in Oslo, so in some way I feel kind of more unsafe on the dark streets here.

And off course it is the food! I must say that it’s only now that I have had a Norwegian breakfast that I do realize how much I have missed that. Any ideas on how I can manage to get that in India?

Talk to you soon!



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