Stray dogs in Mumbai

Hi everyone

When you read stories about Indian cities, you quite often hear that there are cows walking around everywhere. That is not exactly true! Yes, I have seen cows quite some time, but not that many and not that regularly. But one thing that is quite common to see in all Indian cities is the stray dogs. And this off course applies also to Mumbai. I do see in one news paper article that there are more than 70.000 stray dogs in Mumbai only.

Most often the dogs do you no harm. They just sleep or relax in the sun. In Hiranandani, close to where I live there have very recently been seen a few puppies. As you can see on the picture here, the mother so lazy that she even sleeps while she is giving her kids milk. These puppies have been taken quite good care of by the children in the area, and they have got milk and food given to them, which is quite nice to see. Otherwise I do think that being a stray dog at the streets in India is a quite difficult life.

On the first days in Mumbai I was a bit worried to actually step on these dogs, as tjey are quite difficult to spot when it is dark. Some of them might have diseases, so I really did not wanted to be bit. Luckily I have not done so yet, and now I think I’m more aware of them, so it should not be that much of a problem.

There are some problems with the dogs at the nights. When it is not that warm, they usually get to live and start to walk around to look for food. I remember coming home at 3 am once, and at that time it was not to nice to see the dogs lurking around my home.

You can read more about stray dogs in Mumbai in this blog also.


One thought on “Stray dogs in Mumbai

  1. Med din faglige bakgrunn fra Norsk dyreklubb, avdeling Sandstøheia, så er vel dette a piece of cake? Gøy å følge med på bloggen din!


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