Back in Mumbai

Hi everyone. Then I’m back home, if I can say so, in Mumbai. Being with friends and family in Norway was off course very nice, but it was way too cold. At the plane I found an American newspaper, where the weather forecast is in Fahrenheit. That was quite cool, and showed the difference between Mumbai and Oslo even more clear that when you compare it in Celsius. In Mumbai we have about 90 degrees, while in Norway, there are, well, no degrees at all…

So how is it to be back? One thing is for sure, and that is that it really feels like coming home. On my way from the airport I was getting an auto (this rickshaw thing). After driving some 50 meters I told the driver that the meter was not on and insisted that he should use it. He then stopped the auto and suggested 350 rupees as the price. On my way to the airport I paid about 50, but I also know that it is more expensive at night, so I knew it would be more. Bu 350 is way out! So it gave me an immediate chance to use my favorite Hindi word, which is pagal (or if you say it with an American-Gujrati accent it sounds more like paggøll, or something like that). Anyway, it means crazy, mad or something not really nice. I was very tempted to yell to the driver and ask if I looked like some stupid white tourist, but off course I know the answer to that question. So off we went! From the airport he immediately took left. I was quite sure that he should have gone right. When I then see the first traffic sign, I could understand that he was driving wrong! So I told him (with some nice Norwegian words also) that he was useless and pagal! He then actually turned and continued the way I suggested. But not for long. Again he went on to take another route, and I told him that my home is right, he should not go straight. He did not say anything. When we came to a huge building not that far from my place, he tried to indicate the he was on the right track. But I know that building very well, so you know what I told him…

When we finally came home, he showed me the standard meter conversion chart that I know too well, and suggested what price I should pay. I off course pretended understand nothing and paid him some lower price. Welcome home!

But it is really good to be back! I really feel Mumbai a bit relaxing compared to Oslo. Yesterday I did my shopping and walked home. Even if I was walking at a slow pace to be a Norwegian I was the one walking fastest. No one was stressing. And outside my house there were some music and probably a new festival coming up. Is it possible not to enjoy when you have it like that? And did I mention the weather? Nice sun and actually also some chilly breeze. Just lovely!

Talk to you soon!


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