Use of Social Networks when new in a city

Hi everyone
As I think I have wrote before, when you move into a new city, it is important, but also quite difficult to get to know new people. When I moved to Mumbai I basically knew no one. Off course some of my colleagues I had meet before, but no one I really knew. So I really felt that I had to start from scratch, and to try to build my network. In order to do so, I used three approaches:

1) Try to interact with colleagues
2) Using my interests (like sailing and badminton)
3) Social medias

In order to succeed I think it is important to try all this ways, and probably some more, that I have not even thought about.

So if you plan to move to Mumbai, there are a few social networks that I really will recommend. Not all of them are very active, but I think all of them have something to offer and can be a starting point. Even before I moved, I did register in a place called Expat blog, which is a combination of blogs, forums and also places where you can send e-mails to other members. Funnily enough, I have got a few mails from people, mostly girls I would think, who ask me on advices on how to be a star in Bollywood! Yeah, right! Like if I should know anything about that. If YOU know anything about it, please let me know, and I will surely share it 🙂

Another site that I have come across quite lately is a place called Internations. There seems to be a bit more activity at this place, so I hope it is possible to get to know some people that way.

Also, in my “home area” of Powai, there are actually two sites that are quite active. One is the with information about everything that goes on in Powai. I can really recommend that site, as it is quite a lot of information there. The other one is, which is more kind of a social network. I have used the later one, and get to know some people that way.

Yesterday I was supposed to have my first sail race in Mumbai! Royal Bombay Yacht Club is a nice place. It was about 25-30 degrees and some nice people also. So not too bad. But like what we too often see in Oslo, there was no wind at all. So like any good sailors, we ended up in a few pubs instead. Not too bad. And with Arsenal now sitting comfortably at the top of Premier League, what more can you wish from a weekend?

Talk to you soon!


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