Reflections after another terror attack

Hi everyone

Yesterday I did see quite a few of my Indian colleagues surfing on news sites (yes that happens also here). Mostly I think they are surfing on information about local stuff, or off course cricket. But yesterday they were looking at news on a suicide bomber. In Stockholm! In Sweden! And Sweden is the neighbor country to Norway.

I don’t think I can say that it is interesting to read about a potential terror attack in my neighbor country; scary is probably a better word. But is surely also give me some thoughts. When I moved to India, my dad was asking me if it is really safe to live here. Last time I travelled to Sweden, he really did not ask anything about the same…

All over the places we can read articles about the new “flat” world order, and I do think that what happened in Stockholm is also another result of that. No countries are anymore immune to this kind of attacks. It can happen in Mumbai or Delhi, or New York or Los Angeles, or even also in Stockholm or Oslo.

The other main news here in Mumbai right now is that it is starting to get what people here call cold, or winter. It is just that winter in Mumbai is not really the same as winter in Norway… While we have about -20 Celsius in Norway the temperature here has just dropped below 20, and I mean +20. But it is really a bit more chilled, and it is quite comfortable. This morning I even had to wear a thin jacket, because the wind in the rickshaw is a bit cold. But when I see kids with thick woolen jackets and hats it seems like a bit too much. Another consequence of the lower temperature is that those who live on the street are starting to make fires. So the smell in the city is a bit different. Instead of the regular Mumbai smell and I will not try to describe it, you can now smell smoke many places. Not sure if it is better or worse, but it is surely a difference.

Talk to you soon



One thought on “Reflections after another terror attack

  1. Hi Karsten,

    Very true. Even during the year 2008 when India experienced its worst series of terror attacks, we felt lets somehow migrate to some European countries like Norway, Finland, Iceland to live a peaceful life. Nowadays, I am not sure if we would still have the same opinion. Actually, I feel that being in terror attacks prone nations makes one more alert, and cautious than US, UK and rest of the world because people are kind of prepared for such attacks and are not caught unaware in maximum cases or atleast system knows how to handle post event effects. Guess thats the reason few days back a research indicated children in Afghanistan are more secure than those in United Kingdom.

    By the way it would be interesting to see your post on the recent ‘terror’ attacks on the US… the wikileaks !!! Keep’em coming 🙂


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