Honest VIP auto wallah

Hi everyone

Today, I had not really planned to update the blog, but I had one such a very good experience this morning, that I just have to do an update. After having complained a lot about the auto drivers in Mumbai, I think it is just correct that I honor one of them today.

When I came out of my building this morning, one of the drivers came by. He actually stopped, waited to I had bought my newspaper and just drove me directly to the office! I did not have to ask him anything or tell him where to go. Surely I have used him before, nut still I really appreciate a service like that. I felt a bit like I was a VIP person and had my own private auto driver just for me!

And if that was not enough, when we arrived, I should pay him 40 INR. For some reason I managed to give him three 10 rupee notes and one 50 rupee note. I was a bit stressed and did not realize that I had done it wrong. He refused to take the money and told me that this was wrong! He gave me back me three 10 rupee notes and even one more, so that I actually paid the right price. Do you think I easily will pay him some extra next time? Sure I will!

So a very good start of the day!

Talk to you soon



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