Royal Bombay Yacht Club

Hi everyone

As some of you probably already have read in a previous blog post, I have taken up my old hobby of sailing here in Mumbai. Most of the races here are organized by the Royal Bombay Yacht Club. This is an old, venerable, yacht club, which was founded back in 1846, by members of the British Empire. It has a long and proud history, and I can just imagine some of the parties that must have been conducted at the clubs premises.

 Today the club has quite a few active sailing members, who do racing at quite regular intervals. As this is also very much a social club, there are also some members who I think never do any sailing, but just take part of the social events in the club. The main club house is a very nice old building, located next to the Gateway of India and Taj hotel, so it is really a nice place to be. For me as a “tourist looking” person, it is very good to be able to relax in such a place and not be caught up by all the touts that are around in the area.

 The location of the yacht club is quite good. It just takes us about five minutes to get into the boats, that are located just outside the Gateway, and the racing area is also very close by. One huge challenge by sailing in this area is the huge tide that we have at that part of Mumbai harbour. At this time of the year there is a good sailing breeze in the morning and in the evening, but not so much at the middle of the day. If the current is to strong it is actually not possible to sail at all. Another potential area for sailing in Mumbai is just outside the Chowpatty beach at the west side of Mumbai. There is much less current there, but the facilities are not that good. In a few years that might change and it can be possible to sail also from that part. That would have been fantastic!

 The facilities in the yacht club are just amazing. It is probably for a reason that clubs abroad are named yacht clubs, while in Norway they are named sailing clubs. A sailing club in Norway is mostly only for sailing, while abroad I think it is more for a social gathering. At RBYC we have a library, a billiard room, some party rooms and also one sailing room.

You can read more about RBYC at the home page.

Talk to you soon!



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