Being famous!

Hi everyone. You think I’m joking now, right? And ok, I can admit that I’m not that famous. But I just had one funny moment this Monday. Because I had worked a bit late and was a bit lazy, I had dinner at The Great Kebab Factory in Powai (and the place can be recommended). While eating there, I did notice a white couple sitting close to me. When they were done with their meal, the wife walked over to me and asked if I’m Norwegian. Well, I’m, so I said yes. And she then told me that she had read a blog by a Norwegian in Powai, so she just guessed that it must be me! That I think was quite funny! And off course it is also quite nice when someone really reads what I write. If I can be to any help or inspiration to others who are in the process of moving to India, then I’m quite happy about that.

One other funny thing happened on Friday evening. I dropped by one of the small shops close where I live and asked thy boy there for “ek pani” which means one water. The boy just shakes his head and indicated that that was something they did not have. Well, I could actually see a bottle, so I knew he was wrong. When I was about to leave one older person stopped me and asked what I wanted. I repeated “ek pani”, and the man told the boy that he could not understand when someone talked to him in his own language. Luckily he understood me and all went well. I could say “accha” and “sukriya” which means good and thank you respectively. Quite nice.

No particular plans for this weekend. That for a change, but also a bit nice. Think I will take a walk in the neighborhood this Sunday and see if I can find some places that I have never seen before.

Talk to you soon!



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