Crocodile in Mumbai!!!

Hi everyone

On Saturday I was outside to try to take some pictures of folks flying kites for the Makar Sankrati festival. As I wrote in the festival post, not many kites were seen. But I did see something else… My first ever wild crocodile! Not that it looked very wild, and not really hungry either, but well, a crocodile is a crocodile, isn’t it?

It was actually a bit scary in the first place to see it. When I came to the lake, there were already a few other folks there, taking pictures and looking at it. The crocodile was jus swimming lazily around in the lake. There were some birds swimming around it, and it absolutely did nothing to try to attack them. Probably he (I think it was a he) was full?

But I know for sure that the crocodiles in the Powai lake can be dangerous. As I wrote in my article of Mumbai wildlife some months back, there have been incidents where the crocodiles have attacked and actually killed people.

One of my good friends in Mumbai told me just the other day that I live in the jungle. She was mostly pointing to the fact that my building is a bit away from most other buildings. And you have to drive through an open area to get to it. I would not call it really a “jungle”, but with crocodiles lurking around, well, maybe I do live in the Mumbai jungle… And I’m now surer than ever that this is the right place in Mumbai to live!

Talk to you soon


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