An average day in Mumbai

Hi everyone

This morning one of my friends back in Norway asked me how a normal day in Mumbai is. Well, I can do it simple, and day that it is not that different from a normal day in Norway, or I can try to tell some more.

When I moved into my flat some months ago, one of the first things that happened was that I got a maid, who comes every day to clean the flat. That is common here in India. I told her to be at my place at 8 am each day. And after some time she actually manages to do that. So I have to wake up in time before u. Most often I’m up some time between 7 and 7.30, well maybe more often 7.30. I do try to start the day with a regular Norwegian food. Dark bread! And some egg or jam or something like that.

When she arrives, I usually try to leave quite soon after. Still not used to the idea of having someone cleaning around my feet so to speak. So around 8.10 or 8.15 it is time to go out and get an auto. Most often this happens quite quickly. Sometimes it might take 5-10 min but not more. Then of we go. It takes about 15 min to get to the office. On the way we drive through Hirarnandai Powai, which is actually a quite nice and quiet place in the morning. Most days I can see one or two cows, a lot of dogs and just the general place starting to wake up.

At the office I have to go through some security. This has been a routine, and I have been quite ok friends with all of the security folks, so no problem there. Then it is work. And some more work. And some more work. Lunch is usually some time between 1 and 2. Mostly I eat at the canteen in the office. I don’t want to comment that much on the food there. But it is ok. I have now been adjusted to the Indian food and have some rice and chicken mostly. And yes, I do miss the Norwegian lunch from time to time.

How long I work every day varies a lot on how much it is to do. And what people I work with. If US, then I have to be later, to have meetings with them. If Europe, I the meetings are usually earlier. But it really varies. Some days I’m out around 6 pm, other days at 8 pm.

Every Tuesday there is the Hindi class. On other days I most often go home. Some days I do stop in Hirarnandani for some shopping or to have dinner there. It really varies on the mood I’m in and whether I like to make dinner at home or not. I have realized that I do need to do some sporting soon. At winters in Norway I usually go skiing like once or twice a week. Here skiing is not that easy… I have looked a bit for a swimming pool, and think I have to really try to find one, so I can do swimming.

At home I don’t have a TV, and I really don’t miss it. Either I do some reading, or study Hindi. And also I have to do some shopping at one of the small shops just outside, or housekeeping. Or off course my favorite hobby; update this blog  🙂

Talk to you soon



2 thoughts on “An average day in Mumbai

  1. Hi Karsten,

    Try your hands on cricket, it is one of the most addictive and popular sports played here. Not to mention the exercise and calorie burning but the excitement and fun as well. Again, I am sure there will be a team or multiple teams in your org and must be a ground inside your campus where these people play, join them and it can be a good team-building activity for your team ! Indians get united to the core especially during two events. one, a war against pakistan, and second, a cricket match !

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