Indian seasons

Hi everyone

Will make it a short one today. A few days ago my fridge stopped to work. It was an old one that I had bought used, so maybe I could not expect anything more. So I had to buy a new one. That got delivered yesterday. When I looked inside, I found this way of differentiating between different seasons and to decide how to adjust the temperature in the fridge.


In Norway we have four seasons; winter, spring, summer and autumn. But here it seems to be a bit different. We have winter, summer and the monsoon season… I guess that it is indicated that the temperature in the monsoon season is somewhere between winter and summer.

Speaking about winter. One of my colleagues joked that the winter was last week, and that now it is summer. It has been a bit warmer here, but not that warm. Yesterday I had to take a quick trip to the Powai Centrum (yes, close to where the croco lives) and it was quite nice to have long sleeves. Not that it was by any means cold, but not that warm. But it is surely getting warmer almost every day now, so the winter is probably on its way to be over.

Tomorrow is the Republics day here in India, and a public holiday. Will write about that later.

Talk to you soon



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