Republic day and…… Wembley!

Hi everyone

Today is a very fine day in Mumbai! It is nice and sunny, and not to warm. And it is nice for some other reasons also. First of all, I think I must say, it is the Republic Day today. This is the day when the constitution came in place in 1950. I must admit that when I first got to know about this I got a little bit confused, as the Independence Day is the 15th of August. But what that happened in 1947 when India got its independence, was that there was no real constitution in place. There was a Government Act from 1935 that was used, and the constitution only came in place in 1950. You might think that this is quite weird, but I think this is because of the circumstances around the independence in 1947. It all happened so quickly, that it was hardly any time to make a real constitution by then.

So how is this celebrated in India? First of all, I think it is fair to say that this is much bigger in Delhi than in any other places. Here in Mumbai there are some flag hosting ceremonies at official buildings, but not that much. But it is actually a bit more than what I had expected. I have seen some people in parades and also heard some drums playing. There are also a lot of people who are wearing the Indian flag, and I seen a group of ladies wearing saries in the national flag. But for most people this is mostly a day to relax, be with your family or do a game of cricket. In most open places I have seen folks playing some cricket games.

And talking about sport. Yesterday Arsenal qualified for their first ever cup final since 2005, when they crunched Manchester United in the FA-Cup! Because India is five and a half hours ahead of UK, the match actually started around 1 am in the night. As I knew it was a holiday today I decided to join a friend to try to see the match on a pub. But just because it is a public holiday, most pubs closed early. So we went from place to place without being able to see the match. But it gave me an opportunity to see an area of Mumbai which I have hardly been to before, namely Malad. We left the last pub around 3.30 in the night, and it is actually quite interesting to see Mumbai at that time of the day. It is very quiet, and almost no traffic. I found an auto wallah who was driving like crazy! It was almost a bit scary, but I came home in no time. The tour should have costed me 160 rupees, but well, I was in a good mood, so there was no problem to give 200 and not ask for any money back. He got so happy that he almost went out of the auto to hug me!

So a nice ending of the day, and two good reasons to celebrate today.

Talk to you soon



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