Mandwa race

Hi everyone

Sorry for having been absent for so long time. It was a quite hectic week at the office. An in the weekend we did sail something called the Mandwa race. It is basically a race where we go off from Mumbai on a Saturday, and sail over to the main land, and then back again on the Sunday. It was just a fabulous weekend!

Most often the wind in Mumbai is from west, so we had a downwind leg on Saturday. For some reason, we managed to come a little bit too late to the start, so we did not do as well as we probably could have done. But it was ok. We had an ok race, and with good weather and good friends, what more can you ask for. The yacht club has some very nice houses over there and we stayed overnight there.

It actually turned out that one of the crew members on our boat works in the marketing department for Kingfisher. And for those of you who don’t know it, Kingfisher is the largest brewery here in India. So we had a very nice evening… I think that I was in bed around 4.30 in the night, or morning, or whatever it is called. Due to some logistics mixup we were a few too many people in the cabin we had rented so some of us had to sleep outside. Off course I volunteered to do that. I mean, as a Norwegian, it is not that often that you can sleep outdoor in shorts and t-shirt. And surely not in February! It was really nice to wake up by the sun at around 7.30 next morning! Maybe a bit early, but really nice. And also it was funny to see one of the stray dogs had decided to share bed with one of the other guys sleeping outside…

Yesterday we sailed back to Mumbai. A good, nice race, and then back to home to relax and get some good sleep.

It seems to be a quite hectic week at office this week, and this weekend I’m planning to attend a wine festival here in Mumbai! Guess that should be fun!

Talk to you soon



3 thoughts on “Mandwa race

  1. Wow, sounds like a great experience!

    I’ve been following your blog because I wanted to get at sense of what life (and work) is like in India, as I’ve been wanting to work there for some time now.

    As a foreigner, would it be “easy” to go to India and get a job? Or is it better to be expat, working for a company from one’s home country?

    Soon I will be free to travel, and I’m playing with the idea of packing a suitcase and simply move to Bangalore or Mumbai and then start the job hunt there. But I have no idea whether that is even possible.

  2. Hei Karsten! Veldig hyggelig å lese dine blogginnlegg av og til og få ta del av hvordan du integrerer deg i en helt annerledes, men spennende hverdag! Greit at du tom. får seilt litt – høres veldig bra ut :). Men å komme sent til start!? 😉 – hadde nok ikke vært akseptert på Abraxas, men så er det vel en litt annen setting i India da 😉 Take care, hilsen Nina 🙂

    • Hei Nina. Dette med for sent er nok sikkert og visst! Men skipperen jeg seiler med her er berømt/beryktet for å komme sent. Selv etter Indisk standard…



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