Sulafest 2011

Hi everyone

This weekend it was finally time for the Sulafest! Together with a colleague I went over to Nasik on Friday and stayed there for the whole weekend.

The festival itself was on Saturday. At the area of Sula wine yard, which is probably the biggest wine yard in India. We decided to be there quite early, according to Indian standard, and entered the gates around 1 pm, I think. Already by then there were quite a few people there. The wine yard is located in a nice area, close to a small lake, and it is a very nice place. When we entered there, a lot of people were sitting around in the shade or just walking around and having some glasses of wine. Really relaxing and nice. The whole area around the wine yard was decorated in a nice way and you could just roam around or sit down in the sun and enjoy the day. There was a huge mix of people around there. Both Indians and foreigners.

We decided to opt for a wine taste trip. The trip itself was maybe not that great, but we got to taste five different Sula wines. Some of the wines was quite nice, and can easily be recommended. I think that the Sula wine fits very well together with fish or just as a refresher if you have some cheese and crackers. Particularly I do think that some of the white wines are really good. Will recommend that you get it cold and just enjoy it on the balcony with friends and cheese! That will surely be a good thing.

When the sun went down the whole place turned more into a rock scene. Some of the best bands in India did perform on the stage and people were dancing all around. A nice way to catch up with old friends and to meet new people. And these bands really knew how to perform! It was just fantastic to get all the rhythms and enjoy the good dancing at that time. Particularly a band called Pentagram really rocked the stage when they played!

On Sunday we decided to take a look around in Nasik and see more about the city. Will tell more about that later.


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