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As I told in my previous blog post about the Sula wine festival, I was in Nasik last weekend. On Sunday we spent the day around in this “small” charming city, which is called a town in India. I think it says something about me, and how I have been adjusted to life in Mumbai, when I start to call a city with more than 1, 5 million people for a small city (we don’t have any cities like that in Norway)

But travelling around in Nasik was actually quite nice, relaxing and exciting at the same time. There were no high rises in the part where we were travelling, and the traffic was nothing compared to Mumbai. We did hire an auto wallah that took us around the whole city. I think it is the first auto I have ever seen with a CD-player in it! But this guy knew a lot about the city and was a good guide for us.

The first stop was the Godavari River. This is one of the most holy Hindu rivers, and pilgrims are travelling a long way to take a bath in this river. I have seen like this before, at Haridwar, but it is still quite emotional to see whole families taking their holy bath in the river. Even if I’m not a Hindu myself, I do have feelings for this. That even if I don’t think I ever will manage to understand this fully.  Nasik is in fact one of only four cities where they host the Kumbh mela, which a Hindu festival that is arranged every third year. Due to this, they have built a lot of new gaths or staircases where devotees can gather when they do their Holy bath.

After being to the river we do visited quite a few Hindu temples. There are a lot of them around Nasik, and you can really feel the Holy Spirit when you go to places like that. Photo is strictly forbidden at these places, and I do respect that, so I don’t have any pictures from these. But I can promise that this is something that you don’t easily forget. At one of these temples I even got to meet a Holy man! He had been living in this temple since 1983. More about that meeting will follow in a post soon… Luckily I had my Indian colleague with me when I met this person, so he could translate what was told to me.

We also visited a more recent temple, where I could actually take some pictures. One picture is of this God with many heads. I have seen him before, but must admit that I don’t remember the name of this God. Anyone who can help me on this?

Tomorrow I will get family visit to Mumbai! It will be really nice, but I’m not sure how much I will manage to blog while they are here. Hope it will be some, so please stay tuned here. Also I hope to add a post about how they see things here in India.

Talk to you soon!



2 thoughts on “Nasik

    • Hi Sarang

      Thanks for this. And off course I should have known… I know about the story where Ravana kidnapped Sita and Rama and Hanuman had to go to Lanka to get her back. Have to try to increase my vidya of the Hindu texts.



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