Visit to Nanhi Kalis

Hi everyone

Now my dad and brother have been in India for a few days. I think this has been quite interesting to them, and a mix of seeing different things and seeing that things are not THAT different in India.

On Saturday we were visiting the home of some Nanhi Kalis. Nanhi Kali is a project supported by the Indian NGO Naandi, in order to help unprivileged girls to be able to get an education. This program has been supported by Capgemini for a number of years now, and I have been to visits like this a couple of times. This time we was together with some fresher’s from USA. Some of them had never been in India before, so I think this was just as new for them as it was for my family.

In total we visited three different homes. Everywhere the girls were telling us about their school life and some of them even did some songs for us! It was very emotional. For my family who are in India for the first time ever it was surely something they have never seen before. My dad tried to compare this with Norway, but really find it difficult. The difference is just too big.

For me, being able to do something like this is both important and nice. And I just wished that I could have more time to do this. When you first start to get involved in a project like this, you just can’t stop. It is really important to keep the work going and to encourage more people to join and build this bigger. Even if Naandi have helped more than fifty thousands of girls with education there is still so much left to be done. Every day when I go to the office I do see kids who seem to not be at school at all. What can we do to make sure that everyone gets at least a chance to participate in something that most of us who reads this take for granted…

Talk to you soon!



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