Preview of 2011 cricket world cup

Hi everyone

It is said that cricket is religion in India. And with the cricket world cup being hosted by India, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh this year, you can expect the people here to be crazy about it! What more is, the final will be played in Mumbai, hometown of Sachin Tendulkar, maybe the most iconic and best player India ever have had. The tournament will be from the 19th of February to the 2nd of April (isn’t that a bit too much for a tournament with only 16 teams?). The 2nd of April is just 22 days before Sachin turns 37, and quite a few people have predicted that this will be his last chance to win a world championship. Next time it is hosted he will be 41. What better than to do it in the city where you are born and raised!

So how are India’s chances of success in this championship? Australia is the most successful team, with 4 championships already. The West Indies has won twice, while India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have one title each. If we look at the current ranking, India is number one, with South Africa and England in second and third position respectively. The four times champions Australia is ranked as number four. It is no doubt that India have a quite good team this time, and with MS Dhoni being the captain, that has maybe taken some of the burden of the scolders of Tendulkar. But let’s see when the championship starts! I’m quite a bit worried that the pressure might be too much for the locals to handle… In most newspapers here, India is clearly the favorite. Maybe not too surprisingly. In their second last warm up match before the world cup, they even trashed Australia quite well.

If the technical things work well here, you should have a chance to tip what team you think will win in a poll. Must admit that it is the very first time that I have tried to add a poll to my blog, so hopefully it will work. Off course I will try to keep the blog updated with what happen during this world championship.

Talk to you soon!



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