Hi everyone

Close to where I live there is an area that seems to be very much a Muslim dominated area. It is a mosque there, and people seem to be dressed more like Muslims. Before the weekend, I could see that there were quite some decorations coming up in the area. I have seen some of the same before, during the Ramadan, but this time I was really not sure what it was. So I had to check the calendar, and find out that this was celebration of Eid-ul-Milad. This festival seems to be one of the most popular Muslim festivals. As I’m no expert in religion, I will try not to tell too much about the religious meaning of it, rather just describe what I could see.  

Mostly all houses and streets were decorated with Muslim flags in green and orange. For some time I did thought that the green flag was a Pakistani flag, but now I have realized that it only look almost like that one, but is a bit different. So in the weekend I could see these flags everywhere in this area, and there also seemed to be more people than usual who performed their daily prayers.

Living here I Mumbai has surely given me some insight into the huge variety of religions that exists in India. Most people are obvious Hindus, but now I have seen a large number of Muslims, and in Chennai there were quite a few catholic churches. So it is quite clear to me, that India is very much more than “only” one religion.

Talk to you soon!



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