Internations party + officially living in India

Hi Everyone

Yesterday was a hue get together party, hosted by Internations Mumbai.  Internation is a social networks for expats, and locals who like to be part of the international community. I do really like these parties! It is a very good opportunity to meet a mix of people. Where else can you end up speaking with a film producer, a wedding planner, a fashion designer, and also a person who works with integrating solutions for optimizing 21st century urban living? All at one party! Being at places like this really make me feel that I work and live in a global world. Most people at these parties have really seen and experienced a lot. The foreigners are in kind of the same situation as me, living away from their own, “safe” world, and in the urban, global jungle. The locals are mostly people who have travelled a lot and have experienced other places with their Indian background. And it is very easy to get to talk to people, as everyone is very open to others, and like to share experiences. Really nice, and well worth a slight hangover after coming home around 4 am this morning..

Today there was a lady ringing may door bell. She told me that she was working with the official counting of people in India. And off course, she was not that really good in English. I tried to tell her gently that I only live here for one year, and that the Norwegian tax authority have decided that I official still live in Norway. Just because they want my tax money I guess. But that did not work, and she insisted to count me! So we off course had to fill out a huge form, where she did write in Hindi, my name, age, how I travelled to the office and things like that. She also asked about my mother tongue, which is off course is Norwegian. When she asked about what other languages I speak, I said English and “chotti Hindi”, which means a little bit Hindi. I do think that she registered that as I speak English and Hindi. So now it is official: I do live in India, speaks Norwegian, English and Hindi, and also have no car, but uses auto to get to the office! Can’t argue with this, as it is decided by the government of India…

Talk to you soon!



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