Loosing is never fun

Hi everyone. This is a blog post that I have kind of drafted in my head for a long time. This is where I was supposed to write about Arsenal Football Club winning its first trophy in too many years. But. But. But. In sport, things do not always go according to plan. Especially if you are Arsenal Football Club. So the match was lost in the dying minutes due to some extremely poor mistakes. The match itself is surely written a lot about other places, so I’ll just do a quick round up of how it was to see it in Mumbai.

To be a supporter of English football in India is not that easy. Most matches are played late in the evening, or even at the nights. Champions League matches are usually finished around 3 am in the morning. And mostly pubs around here show cricket instead of football. But this time, Arsenal Mumbai, the local supporter club here had done tremendously to host the match. Supporters from all over Mumbai were together at one place, and the atmosphere was fantastic! People was singing and cheering for the team all over the place. Really cool to be there. At least almost to the end then… So thanks a lot to Nick and the team for putting this together in such a good manner.

The other sporting event that has been around here today is the cricket world cup match between India and England. And I must admit that more people were probably interested in that game than in the football match. The legendary Indian batch man Sachin Tendulkar scored 120 runs, and India was set to win the match, with a total run of 338. But in some way, England managed to score exactly the same, so the match ended in a draw! For me, who am still not that much into cricket, I must admit that the funniest thing was maybe that the match was supposed to maybe not be played at all! This due to rain! The weather forecast was not so good, so it was predicted that the match should not be played! I know that cricket is a match for gentlemen, but come on! This is a world cup. How difficult can it be to play even if it is some rain? Maybe I can suggest using a towel, if the players are worried that the ball might be wet. The Stoke player Rory Delap uses a towel all the time during a football match, even if it is not raining… According to the cricket rules, the match would have ended a draw if it had not been played. And a draw is always a respectable result, and no one would have been upset with losing a game. Fair and square. Everyone can go home happy and say that they have had a fair game. But that’s cricket. Football does not really work that way.

Ok. Enough for now. Let’s hope Arsenal can take revenge of the loss against Birmingham by beating Barcelona. Even if it most probably would have been easier to do it the other way around!

Talk to you soon



One thought on “Loosing is never fun

  1. lol…..love the way u put the dilemma of rain for the cricekt match….an arsenal fan from mumbai, i can share the disappointment (of the match n not being able to make it for the screening)….gud post n hv a great time in India…..btw catch a little cricekt too, its a religion her e(though I’m sadly not too keen on it)…..lastly am sure arsenal will provide u with better times to remember of this trip playing against barca.

    hv fn!



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