Maha Shivaratri and some language fun

Hi everyone.

During lunch yesterday, I noted that some of my Indian colleagues hardly eat anything at all, or they had some special food. When I asked about why, they said that they were celebrating Maha Shivaratri and for that reason fasting. So I off course had to try to find out a bit more about what this festival is about. The festival is basically for Lord Shiva, and offerings are being done to him. The penance is executed in order to reach the highest level in the Hindu belief. According to the tradition, people should also have a sleepless night, in order to satisfy the Goods. But my colleagues told me that this mostly happen up North, and that they not did this kind of things. That’s maybe good; otherwise it would maybe have been difficult to work with them today.

When I came home, I observed the guardians outside my house listening to something that seemed to be sport on the radio. I asked them if it was cricket, and they said yes. I had to take a quick trip to the tailor, to get some trousers fixed, and this was something that I have been a little bit worried about. The tailor does not speak any English, and I was really not sure how to manage to speak to him. But to me, and I think also his, big surprise, we managed somehow to understand each other! He looked quite funnily at me, when I used the few Hindi words I know in order to explain to him what was correct (barabar) and that I would come back tomorrow (kal) to pick up the trousers. When I finished the conversation by saying sukryia, which means thank you, he grinned and I’m quite sure that I will get what I expect.

Back home, the cricket match was almost over I think. And the security guy told me that Ireland actually beat England! That’s maybe not the biggest surprise, but he told me that Kevin O’Brien scored 113 runs in 50 balls, or something like that. Not that I have any clue who Kevin O’Brien is. The interesting thing is that I have struggled so much to get anything meaningful out of this person in English before. But to tell about cricket, that he did almost perfect. Even in English! And I think everyone here are ok with England loosing. My Indian friends are commenting a lot of England thinking that they are the world best in cricket, just like in football. Most probably England will still go through, but they might now face tougher competition in the next rounds.

Talk to you soon!


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