Workaholics in India

Hi everyone. In the newspaper this weekend there was a report saying that India is the country in the world that people work 7th hardest! Not surprisingly, Japan was on top of this list. What is more surprisingly is maybe that Australia is second and South Africa third! And even Sweden has managed a top 10 position, being in 9th, just ahead of China. How can this be possible?

Well, maybe the way this was calculated? The countries were scored after how many percentages of employees who were able to take their full allotted holiday. In Japan, only 35 % of the workers take their full holiday, in India about 58.5 %, while in Sweden 63 % take their full holiday. But I think there are a few holes in this survey. First of all, Canada have only 9 federal holidays, while Sweden have 11 and India have 16, which is, together with Japan, the most. So if even fewer Swedes than Indians take their full holiday, the Swedes might work more days…

Another thing that this survey does not say anything about, or that I have not found any information about, is how many people who are available during their holiday. Norway is probably one of the countries in the world where we have most holidays, but I know about too many Norwegians who work a lot during their holiday. But interesting reading it surely was.

The cricket world cup here has now off course started to get some controversies. In a match on Friday, I think, West Indies beat Bangladesh. Or maybe rather they trashed or slaughtered them. It was a completely one-sided game, and Bangladesh scored a very few runs. It was a bit like if the Norwegian handball team had scored less than 10 goals in any match. But the problems started after the match. Some angry Bangladesh supporters throw stones at the West Indies bus! This is off course never good. But what might make this even worse was the reaction from the police, quoted in an Indian newspaper. The police said that the supporters thought that it was the Bangladeshi players and were angry on them. That’s why they throw the stones! So if I understood the police right, it is ok to throw stones on the home team if they lose, but not on the away team if they win? What nonsense is this… Let’s hope there will be some stones thrown outside Nou Camp tonight then.

Talk to you soon!



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