Live cricket!

Hi everyone. Now I can finally say that I have been to a live cricket match! And in this new flat world order, isn’t it just correct that the first match is a world cup match at the main stadium in Mumbai. With a New Zealander, watching New Zealand versus Canada. And with most of the Canadians having Gujarati names like Patel or so? I do think so.

So yesterday we went to this match, and I do have to tell you that New Zealand is one of the better cricket nations, while Canada is a minor one. So the score was a bit like what I think it would have been if Canada had played New Zealand in ice hockey, just that New Zealand was the absolutely best team this time. They batted first and scored over 350 runs. So we somehow felt that the match was over and won by New Zealand even before Canada had batted. And when Canada were 4-2 early on, I thought that they might last only 10 overs or so. But they really put them together and made it a good inning. And if some of you don’t have any clue about what overs and innings are, well, sorry, but that are some of the new cricket words that I have learned… And it is difficult to describe a match without using the proper language. So all together, a really nice day. As New Zealand play in black, I do decided to be nice with my friend from there and wear black during the match. However, as the sun came up during the match, my face looked more like a Canadian flag, but I guess that is the price to pay for watching a cricket match in a place like Mumbai.

Will I ever go to a cricket match again? I certainly think so. Still I think it was a bit boring from time to time, and I guess I will prefer a 20 over match instead of a 50 over match (sorry about language again), but it was quite fun. And I did learn a few new rules of the game also. So not a bad day.

Having said that the game was fun, I do have to say something about the organizers also. When I came there, it was a lot of police folks around the stadium, and a lot of police signs. I’m fine with that, and it is ok to have a lot of police for security reasons. But what about putting up some information about how to get to the right entrance? And I seriously thing that the organizers have to learn something about how to get people to watch matches. The skiing world championship has just been hosted in Norway. There, some 100.000 people (estimated) choose to sleep outside to watch the event in the forest! And this in -20 Celsius, which is about zero Fahrenheit. In Mumbai they took 3500 rupees for the cheapest tickets! And 3500 rupees is about 300 NOK! The stadium was maybe quarter full, and that in a country which is crazy about cricket! I do understand that this was not the most interesting match, but still. Why don’t sell some tickets for 10 rupees, or give them away to school kids who would have a dream day there? And it was quite difficult to be served any food. We had to walk a long way to get some. Which is also strange to me. The match lasts about 5 hours or more, and everyone would like to have a bite. It could even have generated some income for the organizers… So if anyone in the International Cricket Council read this, please feel free to reach out to me, and I can teach you something about how to host an international event J

The group matches are getting into the final stage now, and it starts to be interesting. Saturday was a real bad day for sport, and even India lost to South Africa. It was a quite dramatic game, and South Africa managed to win it in the last ball, after some really poor bowling by India. That makes that group wide open, with South Africa the favorite to win it, and England quite likely to be just fourth. There are still 5 teams fighting for the top 4 spots here, so a lot more to come. In the other group, it is clear that Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Pakistan will go through. But what team that will win and who will be fourth is still open. There is a quite huge match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand here in Mumbai on Friday. The winner of that match will quite likely be second in the group, and don’t have to face the toughest teams from the other group. Will try to make it to the match!

Talk to you soon!



2 thoughts on “Live cricket!

  1. It is quite interesting that you went to see a Cricket match. You made some good observations and unfortunately, the organisers aren’t too bothered about such issues. Indian Cricket board, BCCI, has often been slamed for their unprofessional behavior. To be honest, the person at the helm of affairs are crap. They don’t know a heck about what Project Management is and are sitting on chairs running the RICHEST cricket board in the world. I am sure you would have not known that BCCI is strangely the richest cricket board!

    I don’t really know who will end up qualifying at what position. According to me, it is not important how many matches you loose to qualify for quarter finals. The fact that certain number of teams made it to quarter finals is great from them. At the end of the day, teams fight for that final match which will decide who wins the world cup. Till then, it is difficult to say who look favorites and who don’t.

    But I must say tha you have learnt quite a bit about Cricket. When I move to Oslo I would try to learn as much about Sking as possible although I doubt I will have the guts to try sking. Not an adventure junkie.

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