Out of gas

Hi everyone. When I tried to get to office yesterday, I was really, really difficult to even get an auto. Usually it takes me maximum two to three minutes to get one, but when I got out on the street yesterday there were hardly any auto to see. In the weekend there is a huge festival here (more about that later), so I kind of wondered if the drivers had already started to take time off and prepare for the festival. But I have never before seen that they all have been of, so that really didn’t make any sense. After waiting for some 10-15 minutes, I kind of had to give up and start walking. This was at 8 am, but the sun was already up, and it has started to be quite warmer here in Mumbai now. I walked to the main road, and found some shelter for the sun there. After some 10 more minutes, finally I managed to get an auto.

On the way home, none of the drivers agreed to use the meter. That was quite strange to me, as they are mostly ok to do that now. There were also much less traffic than what is normal.

It was only when I did read the newspaper today that I really understood why it was like this. All autos use something called compressed natural gas (CNG), and yesterday a huge gas pipe was damaged! This off course affected the whole auto industry a lot, as no one was able to fill any more gas. You can just imagine what losses this has been for the drivers. This morning I managed to get an auto within short time. But it is still maybe a bit fewer than usual drivers around here, so I would think that there are still some problems with the pipe. Let us hope this get fixed, so that we don’t have this problem for a long time.

You can read more about this in Mumbai Mirror.

Talk to you soon!



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