Holi celebration and cricket update

Hi everyone

Today it was the Holi festival here in Mumbai. As I said in my previous post, this is one of the most popular festivals in India. But I think it is also a festival that quite some people avoid. Many of my colleagues said that they preferred to stay inn house, in order not to be bombarded by kids who run around with colored waters.

I off course had to take a look outside, so I went out around 10 in the morning to see how this was all about. The first sight in the hall was a young boy with his hands colored. Outside it was extremely quiet. More quiet than on any other Sunday I think. On the street I could see some boys who had clearly been “playing” Holi, as people say here. Many of them were covered with colors. But there was very little that happen at the streets. I had kind of expected to something more like a “fight” with people throwing water on each other like crazy, but it was really nothing like that. Maybe I was there to early or too late, I don’t know? While walking around there came one girl, who had clearly been “playing” earlier at the day. Some boys spotted her, and she became an easy target for their water balloons. She asked them gently to don’t throw on her, but that was of no help. But again, I would have expected it to be kind of more violent, but, no. The boys just put the colored water on her, and that was it. And she already had a lot of color on her, so I don’t think they did very much wrong.

The other big thing here now, is off course the cricket world cup. Group A is over, and by surprise Pakistan won that group! They beat Australia yesterday. In the other match of that group, Sri Lanka beat New Zealand. This means that Pakistan will face the forth team in the other group. Right now, that is the West Indies, which right now play against India. If the West Indies win that match, they will be second in the group and play Australia (3 times in a row champions) in the quarter. If India wins, they will face Australia. India batted first and scored 268. I would honestly believe that the West Indies make sure that they will score less, and I don’t think anyone can accuse them of doing anything wrong in that case. If that happen we will have Pakistan – West Indies, Sri Lanka – England, Australia – India and New Zealand – South Africa in the quarter.

Will update this when the match is over.

Update: I was correct on this one. India won the match and will face Australia in the quarter final. Match fixing? Scandal? Did the West Indies lose by purpose? Well, I don’t know, but if loosing one match can help you in the future, why not lose it?

Talk to you soon!



One thought on “Holi celebration and cricket update

  1. Hi, I am reading your blog for awhile now & really enjoy it. If you want to get some pictures to post it on your blog, I can send you some as yesterday I was in a “photo” trip through Bombay.


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