India vs. Pakistan end of first inning

Hi everyone

Guess this must be first time I have two blog posts on one day, but well, it is kind of a special day here. As I stated in my previous post, cricket is really a religion here in India, and most people are really crazy about it. Right now there is a break in the semi-final between India and Pakistan. India managed 260 runs.

It has been quite funny here over the last few hours. Only this morning I get to know that the match is actually shown live on TV in Norway! And I have got a number of questions from friends in Norway about how the match has progressed. Thanks a lot for to all of you! Maybe this can actually be a breakthrough for cricket in Norway? And a huge thanks to NRK that shows this match live in Norway. It is actually quite funny to see the comments going on at

So to those of you are asking who will win this match, I do think the answer here is that it is still quite open! Before the match one of my colleagues predicted that you would need about 300 runs to win. So that is off course not good news for India. But it seems like the pitch has changed a bit over the day, so it would probably be difficult to get that score. I do think this will very much be a mental game. If Pakistan starts to score well in the first few overs, they don’t need to take big risks. Most teams manage a run-rate around 5, 2 – 6 in most matches. So if they are above that, they will know that they just have to bat consistently, and not take risks. But if India manages to get a few wickets early, it will be a totally different match.

Will try to update the site here as the match progresses. We will probably go to a pub to watch the last few overs there, so let see for how long I manage to update it. There is a good site that updates the score here.

Talk to you soon!



(midnight): So the match is now over. At the end India won it quite comfortabely. On my way home I did see quite some firework and people celebrating. Will create a new post tomorrow, updated with all experience from that. Until then; good night!

(19:41): It is quite interesting to see comments on Norwegian sites. Norwegians have a looot to learn about cricket

(19:31): Pakistan are 52/2 after the first 10 overs. If I don’t remember wrong, India had about 75 runs at the same time

(19:28): And Pakistan have lost their first wicket! K. Amal is out after lest then 9 overs. This was an early loss for them

(19:22): After 8 overs, Pakistan have 43 runs. This give a run-rate of 5.37 per over. India ended the match with a rate of 5.02

(19:04): Pakistan have managed 26 runs in first 4 overs. An ok, but not fantastic start


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