India winning cricket semi-final

Hi everyone

So yesterday India beat Pakistan and qualified for the cricket world-cup final! The match was quite intense for some time, but I must admit that about halfway in the second inning, I was quite sure that India would win this one. My Indian friends were not that sure, and I think it was only when Pakistan had just one or two balls left that they were convinced this would go the right way.

We watched the last hour or so of the match at a restaurant close to the office. It was a brilliant atmosphere there. Every time India took a wicket, there was this guy who started to bang on a huge drum! See picture below. And please not the TV screen in the upper right corner, where you can see team India celebrate.

After the match there were quite a lot of people celebrating in the streets. Fireworks went off at many places. I’m not really sure if everyone celebrated that India had won, or if they celebrated that Pakistan had lost. But it was a nice party anyway.

It has been quite fun to follow the match also on Norwegian web pages. The match was shown live on Norwegian television, and from what I have understood, this has been quite a big success! With the vast number of Lankans who live in Norway, also the final should have some good number of people watching it. I’m already looking forward to Saturday…

Talk to you soon!



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