The use of Bhang

Hi everyone

During the Holi festival, most people here in India talk about something called Bhang. This is prepared from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant! We have had some quite “interesting” discussions whether this is legal or not. Cannabis is absolutely not legal here in India, but my colleagues here say that during the Holi festival, Bhang is actually legal. I do think they mix the word legal with the word traditionally used or something like that.

One very common way to have it is that it is put inside the mithai, so if you ever are in India during Holi and someone ask you to take some mithai, you should really be careful, and check what it is that you get.

One consequence that it might have, is that it can get people to create a blog! One of my friends tried the Bhang during Holi, and when he came home, he decided that it is a good time to do some blogging. You can read about his “reflections” about Bhang.

Talk to you soon!



One thought on “The use of Bhang

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