Countdown to the final


The final is over, and India is the cricket world champions! The atmosphere at the bar in Mumbai was just fantastic! Already before the toss people were drumming and having a good time. During the whole first inning, there were drums and people dancing all over the place!

When India started to bat, the mood tunred, and people looked more worried than anything else. Off course still some dancing and druming, but more, I don’t know, maybe some fear? But in the last few overs, it was clear that this would go the right way, and people started to dance and celebrate again. Will come up with a new post tomorow with more pictures. I just like to add this one, taken just after the match is over. Look at the face of this guy and his expression! You can really see how this mean for him.

Hi everyone

Today is the big day in Mumbai! It is the final of the cricket world championship, and it is India versus Sri Lanka. The whole city is kind of just waiting for this match.

This morning I had a quick trip to the grocery shop, and it is remarkably quiet here. Maybe it is too early in the morning, but still. A few kids are off course playing cricket in the backyard, but you can feel that even they are not really focusing on the match they play. There is another match coming up. In just a few hours. And a much more important one.

There is a story in Mumbai Mirror this morning that the officials from ICC (International Cricket Council) had some problems to get the trophy in to the country yesterday evening. The custom at the airport demanded that they should pay custom for it! Come on. How is that possible? Did the custom people try to bribe the ICC for tickets? But well. It is cricket, and it is India, so I think everything can happen.

I will join some friends and see the match on a pub in Bandra. It is one of the absolute best sports bars in Mumbai so I really look forward to this. If the atmosphere will be almost the same as during the game against Pakistan, it will be massive! And it is quite fun that my friends from all over the world have asked me to keep them updated during the match. So I have to send updates both to Norway and even to USA during the match.

And as the folks outside say right now: SAC-HIN!, SAC-HIN!

Talk to you after the match



2 thoughts on “Countdown to the final

  1. Hei,
    Jeg fant en lenke til bloggen din på Jeg har bodd lenge i Norge, men bor nå i Bombay, hvor jeg opprinnelig kommer fra. Jeg holder på å søke jobb her i India, fortrissvis med et norsk selskap i India. Problemet er at inderne flest vet lite om Norge og det norske utdanningssystemet, så CV-en min med utdanning og arbeidserfaring fra Norge imponerer ikke. Da trenger jeg å komme i kontakt med noen nordmenn som jobber her. Jeg vil sette pris på om du kunne sette meg i forbindelse med noen som du kanskje kjenner som jobber i et norsk selskap her i Bombay-område. På forhånd takk.


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